Labspace, Women, guns and the internet
Video/Times Square Jumbotrons Chashama
Aim to Please, PS1/MOMA
School of the Museum of Fine Arts
On the Inside, Basilico Fine Arts
Frankfurt, a Story, and a Song,
Animal-vegetable, Basilico Fine Arts

selected group

Sanctuary 2017, San Damiano Mission
Arcturus, Labspace,
Blue Balls, RISD Art Museum and APF Lab
Bending Nature, Franklin Park Conservatory
Modest Sublime, Carpenter Center Harvard
Flower Power, Gasser Grunert
Seeing Green, Soil, Seattle
Natural Habitat, Paine
24/7 Standard Projection  
Hybrids, Wave Hill
Secret Victorians, Fabric Workshop
Paradise Now, Exit Art and Tang    
Subterfuge, Impakt   
 Animal Magnetism, Bucknell
Animal/Artifice, Hudson River Museum
Nature is Not Romantic, Hunter    
Secret Victorians, Birmingham Museum
Where: Allegory of Site in Contemporary Art, Whitney Museum,
Horizons of Language, Woodstock    
Seedling, Projektraum    
Wild/Life orThe Impossibility of Mistaking Nature for Culture, Weatherspoon Art GalleryOutside/Inside,
Transamerica Pyramid Pop Surrealism,
Aldrich MuseumSecret Victorians, First Site,Ikon Gallery, Arnolfini Gallery, Weatherspoon,  Armand Hammer Museum of Art
Funny Pictures, Ten in One Gallery
Frankenstein, Caren Golden Fine Art
Organically Grown, Center for the Arts, Yerba Buena Gardens
The Lie of the Land, University Art Museum
Joint Ventures/Bourriaud, Basilico
Escape Attempts, Globe at Christiania
Can We Talk, Basilico Fine Arts, New York, NY
The Most Important Thing in the World: Oasis vs. Blur, Artists Who ROCK/Bill Arning
The (Alternative) Perfect World, UBy
Smells Like Vinyl, Roger Merians
Stoppage, CCC, Tours    
Summer Fling, Basilico
Still Life, James Graham & Sons    
Brave New World, Christopher Grimes Gallery
Human/Nature, New Museum
A Vital Matrix, Domestic SettingTransformations, Apex    
Möbius Strip, Basilico
Of Dancing Frogs & Alterwings, Kohler Arts Center
Fairies, Sue Spaid
Transtextualism, Mark Moore Gallery
Lost Paradise-Patterns of Behavior/Practices, Kunstraum Wein,
Natural World, A/C Project Room
Crash, Thread Waxing Space    
Bontecou, Dunham, Stein, Turner, Vaisman, Jay Gorney
Drawing on Sculpture, Cohen Gallery
A Room with Some Views, John Baldessari/Sonnabend Gallery
Animal Farm, James Corcoran
The Return of the Cadavre Exquis, The Drawing Center, Contemporaneo, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Forum for Contemporary Art
Ghost-limb, Basilico Fine Arts
New Sculpture; Softer Surfaces, Transamerica Pyramid
Salad Days, Margo Leavin Gallery    
Futura, Air de Paris
Thomas Solomon’s Garage
Fluxattitudes, New Museum    
The Laura Show, Tri
Tattoo Collection, Air de Paris & Urbi et Orbi, Daniel Buchholz, L’Art dans la Peau, CRDC, Breaking the Code, Works Gallery
Aspen Art Museum
Fiar International Art under 30, Palazzo della Permanente di Milano, Chiostro della Chiesa di Santa Maria Sopra Minerva di Roma, Espace Cardin di Paris, Accademia Italiana delle Arti e Delle Arti Applicate, UCLA Wight Art Gallery
Kyle Belding Gallery
L.A. Times, Boise Art Museum
Fluxattitudes, Hallwalls
Viral Infection the Body and its’ Discontents, Hallwalls
L.A. My Third Lady, Tanja Grunert
Ruth Bachofner Gallery
In Her Image, Barbara Toll Gallery    
Racing Thoughts, Tom Solomon’s Garage
New Edge, Karl Bornstein
DAG Gallery

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