I do a google search of 'women and guns" and a treasure trove of imagery appeared. Since so many images already exist I have chosen to appropriate them, rather than take my own and add more. Researching this subject has opened up worlds. These images were originally posted for a variety of reasons, money, power, sex and exposure. With this in mind I work to embed these images with a message of sensibility. Embrace the dark and soften the blow.

Thanks to the photographers, the women and the internet.


"women and guns" search yielded results.



Having explored the many ways women are photographed with guns and how this imagery fits into popular culture. I sense that we are all in the crosshairs right now and I incorporating targets into my program is a natural evolution. Targets are steeped in cultural references and have an immediate, iconic ability to communicate. I'm adding my bit to this lexicon.

target, duck, duck
target, aim to please